‘I kicked my mum out of my wedding after she posted photos...

‘I kicked my mum out of my wedding after she posted photos of the dress on Facebook’


A groom was left fuming after his mother broke the one rule his wife-to-be had firmly stipulated – to not share photos of her wedding gown ahead of the ceremony

Bride in wedding dress (Stock Photo)
The bride had made it clear that she wanted to keep the dress under wraps until her walk down the aisle (Stock Photo)

A groom has shared his fury after his social media -mad mother shared pics of his wife’s wedding gown on Facebook ahead of the ceremony.

As such, he claims he asked her to leave the big day.

The bride had previously made it clear that she didn’t want anyone outside the bridal party to see her dress before she walked down the aisle, wanting to surprise her dad and then husband-to-be.

Despite this wish, the bride’s mother-in-law kept trying to get her to share pics of the dress on social media, telling her that “everyone wanted her to do it”, and became cross that she wasn’t even allowed to post any of the dresses that they’d decided against.

Later on, while the mothers, grandmothers, and bridesmaids were trying on dresses, things escalated when the bride’s mother-in-law insisted on wearing white. In response to this, the bride decided to just put the whole wedding party in white and have done with it.

However, the real betrayal came on the morning of the wedding, when the mother-in-law shared a candid pic of the bride-to-be in her wedding veil, tagging everyone in it, including her dad.

HIs mother shared a pic of the dress 30 minutes before the ceremony (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the enraged groom explained that the offending snap was taken and shared about 30 minutes before the ceremony began, ruining the surprise.

He wrote: “My wife wanted to surprise her dad just as much as me getting the first look of her dress while he walked her down the aisle. She even had the two photographers posted so they could get shots of the first look. Obviously, this was important to my wife.

“Her dad saw himself tagged in the photo so instead he saw his daughter on Facebook. My wife didn’t find out until after the ceremony because of last-minute preparations.”

The poster – who goes by the username u/WeddingDressBlue – continued: “After the ceremony, I kicked my mum out of the wedding and she wasn’t invited to the reception. My younger sister and my dad also left, along with a few family members.

“My brother and I covered for the mother of the groom dance by leading an impromptu chicken dance to lighten the mood. The DJ was super awesome and filled in the spaces with fun songs so at least the reception wasn’t a total bummer.”

Going forward, the groom has “no interest in continuing a relationship with my mom at this point”, and he’s described her actions as “petty and selfish”. His dad has tried to get him to put what he described as “typical women drama” behind him, but he’s not sure he can.

One fellow Reddit user advised: “Your dad is completely wrong. Your mum doesn’t even like your wife and isn’t afraid to show it. The petty slights and jabs are apparent all over.

“Good on you for standing up for your wife. Don’t back down over this. Your candle tried to sabotage one of the most important days of your wife’s life (and yours obviously).”

Another said: “This is not typical. This is your mother shamelessly crossing boundaries and hurting your bride on purpose. If you don’t take a stand now, then she will be posting every detail of your life on her social media.

“Your mom needs help. Her behavior is inexcusable.”

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