‘I wore an old bridesmaid dress to my wedding – my friend...

‘I wore an old bridesmaid dress to my wedding – my friend says I’m stealing her thunder’


A woman has been feuding with her friend after she wore an old bridesmaid dress to her own wedding – as her mate claims she stole her thunder by reusing the gown

A woman looking at her friend's wedding dress
The woman’s friend was furious with her dress choice (stock photo)

An anonymous woman has expressed her frustrations online after her friend accused her of “stealing her thunder” by wearing the bridesmaid dress she was supposed to wear to the mate’s wedding at her own ceremony.

The woman explained in a Reddit post that her pal, named Amy, was a “bridezilla” when planning her wedding last year, and even though the woman had paid $700 (£553) for a bridesmaid dress, she was eventually booted from Amy’s bridal party for not attending her “pre-bachelorette dinner”.

Amy’s wedding was later called off entirely by her then-fiancé, so none of the remaining bridesmaids got to wear the dresses they had bought for the big day either.

To save money when planning her own wedding, the woman decided to wear the gown as her wedding dress, but she’s now facing criticism from her friend – even though she never got married at all.

Her mate accused her of ‘stealing her thunder’ (stock photo)


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In her post, the woman explained: “I was meant to be a bridesmaid at my friend Amy’s wedding last year. I’d never met a bridezilla until I got involved in wedding planning. Amy was rude and mean to us and we had to walk on eggshells around her because she would threaten to kick us out of the bridal party if we protested. Honestly, I only put up with it because I was happy for my friend.

“We all have stable incomes, so when she told us our bridesmaid dresses cost $700, we could afford it. It was a cream colored knee length dress, very beautiful.

“I couldn’t make it to the pre-bachelorette dinner and Amy freaked out on me and kicked me out of the bridal party. I was expecting it anyway because I got engaged two weeks beforehand and she was passive aggressive, sulked and said I was trying to steal her thunder.

“She kind of expected me to beg her or something but at this point, I was done so I removed myself from the group chats and everything, and I kept the dress because I paid for it. She didn’t ask for it anyway.

“I found out her fiance called off the wedding, and I could only imagine why.”

The woman went on to insist that she and her now-husband had a very small ceremony and got married at a courthouse with just a few members of their families present.

But when she shared pictures from the event online, her friend “rained insults” on her for daring to wear the dress.

She added: “Wedding planning was too stressful so my husband and I chose to go to the courthouse, then let our mums do whatever they want for the after party and just show up for it.

“I chose not to buy a new dress and just used the bridesmaid’s dress and it was beautiful. I got glammed for pictures and all that, the wedding was on Tuesday and I just posted pictures online.

“Someone probably sent pictures to her because she rained insults on me and I had to deactivate my comment section. Her family and friends have joined her too and I’m beginning to think I’m wrong. My husband tells me I’m not . I just didn’t want my money to go to waste.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were quick to tell the woman she’d done nothing wrong, especially as her friend’s wedding never went ahead anyway.

One person said: “She’s just salty because her wedding fell through. It’s nutty to expect someone to spend $700 on a dress and then never wear it! Congratulations on your wedding.”

While another wrote: “You paid a lot of money for that dress, so unless Amy and her family were planning on reimbursing you for calling off the wedding or kicking you out, why should you have to throw away good money? Whether the others returned their dresses or not is irrelevant. You paid for the dress – it’s your dress.”

And a third added: “It’s your dress, you don’t speak to those people anymore (for good reason), don’t let their jealousy ruin your day, wedding or otherwise. Congratulations to you and your hubby!”

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